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We partner with the most respected names in the water and wastewater industry to supply integrated solutions for municipalities and industry. Below is a comprehensive list of our products, services and valued partners.

ESI as a Partner in the Industry

ESI’s product lines offer the gold-standard of products in the water and wastewater industry so our customers can quickly build reliable infrastructure that will stand the test of time. To do this, we partner with industry-leading manufacturers in the water and wastewater industry to provide a wide variety of  products for numerous applications. This helps mitigate the effects industry driven headwinds for our customers such as lead times, material costs and shipping costs.

Regionally stocked lines:

  • Cla-Val Control Valves and Repair Parts
  • McWane Plant and Industrial Isolation Valves
  • InnerLynx by Advanced Products and Systems
  • Copperhead Complete Tracer Wire Systems

All Products and Solutions

Chemical Feed Equipment:

  • Chemical Metering Pumps – Diaphragm, Peristaltic, Hydraulic (Beta, Gamma, Sigma, ProMus, Hydro, Evolution, Orlita, Makro, Dulcoflex)
  • Chemical Feed Systems (Pre-Engineered Systems, Wall Mount, Custom, etc)
  • Emulsion Polymer Activation Systems (ProMix)
  • Dry Polymer (Polyrex)
  • Dry Feed – Screw Feeders, Conveyers, etc. (ProMDry, Screw Feeder)
  • Controllers/Analyzers – Chlorine, pH, ORP, DO, PAA, Temp (DAC, Compact, DMT, Aegis II)
  • Submersible Mixers (SMS)
  • Chlorine Dioxide

Building Enclosures:

  • Pump Station Buildings

Engineering Services:

  • Application Engineering
  • Cavitation and Surge Analysis
  • Plan Drawings
  • Project Bid/Plan Specifications
  • Pump Station Design and Planning
  • Storage System Planning
  • Valve Performance Analysis

Field Service:

  • System Troubleshooting
  • System Monitoring & Control

  • Level and Flow Control Valves
  • Pressure Reducing / Relief Valves
  • Electronic Control Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Air Valves
  • Slide Gates
  • Sluice Gates

Storage Tanks:

  • Glass Coated Tanks
  • Porcelain Enamel Tanks
  • Ground Storage Tanks
  • Storage System Planning


  • Pump and Level Controls
  • System Monitoring and Control

Pump Stations:

  • Design and Planning
  • Turnkey, Skid Mounted Systems
  • Raw / Re-use / Wellhead Stations

Pipe Products:

  • Tracer Wire Locating System
  • Couplings, Clamps, Saddles, Tapping Sleeves
  • Casing Spacers
  • Joint Restraint


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